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MONA MUR Backkatalog – Wiederveröffentlichung von Werken aus den 80er Jahren auf Vinyl bei Playloud!

Die Grimmepreis-gekrönten Musikfilmer und -kenner von Playloud ! – Dietmar Post und Lucia Palacios –
nehmen sich 2021 des MONA MUR-Backkataloges an. Begonnen wird mit einer limitierten Vinylauflage des ’88er ALbums
“Mona Mur” . Das ursprünglich bei RCA erschienene Synth-Pop-Juwel enthält 10 Songs, produziert und eingespielt mit den “Stranglers”
JJ Burnel und Dave Greenfield.

MONA MUR ’88 LP re-issued on Playloud !

In summer 1987 Mona Mur met legendary “Stranglers” musicians JJ Burnel
and Dave Greenfield on their compound in beautiful and enchanted
East-Anglia to create her first full album “MONA MUR”. The synth pop
pearl with Dave Greenfield’s signature and unique keyboard arpeggios
and Burnel’s brutal and elegant bass lines strongly influencing the
production sound was released 1988 by RCA and was celebrated by filmmakers
Monika Treut and Elfi Mikesch in their
movie “Die Jungfrauenmaschine” – which contains a MM live performance
of the song “Ritz”. The official “Ritz” video was shot by Edward Oleschak in
Vienna on Heldenplatz and Hofburg and in Palais Saurau in the city of Graz, Austria.
The album also features a special re-recording of “Surabaya Johnny” using tracks by FM
Einheit, Alex Hacke. Nikko Weidemann, Thomas Stern and Siewert Johannsen
(the 2nd Mona Mur Band line up) with additional drum tracks by Dave
Larcombe (“The Bible”).
The 2021 re-reissue is remastered by EN ESCH (KMFDM, Pigface), comes in
a new running order with a special version of “Jealous” and a bonus
track, “Venus 2020”, featured as credits’s song of the upcoming Monika Treut movie
“Genderation ” (2021).


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MONA MUR is known for her unique voice and intense live performance as well as for her soundtracks and collaborations with artists such as FM Einheit, formerly of “Einstürzende Neubauten”, Dieter Meier (“Yello”), polish rockstar  Grzegorz Ciechowski or EN ESCH, known as “KMFDM” – frontman.  Featuring a violent electronic-orchestral sound of darkest shades, her songs are to be found in movies such as Fatih Akin’s drama  “Head On/Gegen die Wand””.  Since 2007, MONA MUR has  frequently toured the US, Canada and Europe together with EN ESCH with whom she released three albums.

In 1999 Mona joined the Computer Games industry as audio artist .She created a unique style of eerie and haunting electronic music and sound FX for game titles sch as KANE & LYNCH 2: DOG DAYS (EIDOS/SQUARE ENIX), VELVET ASSASSIN (SoftPeak/UbiSoft Japan) or BALLANCE (ATARI USA/Japan). For her groundbreaking work on KL2,  she was invited to GDC San Francisco 2012, EA DICE, Stockholm, MIGS Montreal , HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin and many more.

Recent works include her solo album “DELINQUENT” written and produced  together with Ralf GOLDKIND (Lucilectric, Fantastische 4) and the album THOSE DAYS ARE OVER, a collection of 15 Music Poems written by Miron Zownir with soundscapes and spoken word performance by Mona Mur.

In fall 2019,  Mona was part of the successfull  concert show “Znikajace miasto – The Vanishing City”  at the festival  “Łódź Czterech Kultur”.            The show will go on tour in Poland in 2021.    MONA MUR is also composer and producer of the groundbreaking piece HENKER AND JÄGER – On Hate As Collective Obsession.  Funded by german ministry of culture and media,  MUSIKFONDS e.V., it features FM Einheit, opera star Simone Kermes,  En Esch and Mona Mur in a song recital evening which premiered at Muffatwerk München, December 4th, 2019 (see video below).

MOKA EFTI ORCHESTRA from Babylon Berlin TV series has covered  the MONA MUR song “Snake” with singer Severija.

In 2020, Mona Mur engages in writing and producing music for films such as director Monika Treut’s upcoming “Genderation”. She is playing live stream concerts with longtime partner EN ESCH, in fall 2020 she starts the sound production for the narrative game FERMI PARADOX .

“Her dark, dramatic voice lets our blood flow backwards.”


Front Cover Album Delinquent

Video Clip by  ELFI MIKESCH 2019
CD on


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Haus der Sinne Berlin – doors 19 h  VERSCHOBEN / NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED in 2021

20.6.2020 Mona Mur @ Literaturforum im Brechthaus – Sommerfest – moved to summer 2021




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MONA MUR Delinquent 2019

MONA MUR & MIRON ZOWNIR Those Days Are Over 2018

MONA MUR Warsaw 2015 on Mystic Productions Poland  

EINHEIT, ESCH & MUR: Terre Haute Album with FM Einheit and En Esch (CD Baby / EEM 2013, Rustblade Records, Italy, on red Vinyl 2015)

MONA MUR & EN ESCH “Do With Me What You Want” (Artoffact 2011, Danse Macabre 2012) – buy directly from the artists

MONA MUR & EN ESCH “120 Tage – The Fine Art of Beauty and Violence” (Pale Music International 2009, Artofact 2010)

MONA MUR & EN ESCH on iTunes Into Your Eyes CD (Alice in… / Dark Dimensions 2004 / MMM 2013)

Mona Mur Compilation 1982 — 2004,”Mona Mur”, CD (RCA 1988) produced by JJ Burnel ,Dave Greenfield (“The Stranglers”) and Mona Mur

“Jeszcze Polska”, 12″ (Supermax 1982) with FM Einheit, Mark Chung, Alex Hacke (“Einstürzende Neubauten”)


Music and Sound FX for FERMI PARADOX (Anomaly Games 2021 – work in progress)

Music for “All Walls Must Fall” by InBetweenGames,

Title Music for DAS BOOT VR  for HOLOGATE (Aesir Interactive),

Soundscape for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days by IO Ipublished by Eidos/Square Enix 2010

Special Music for Velvet Assassin, tactical WW2 3rd person shooter by Replay Studios/Southpeak Interactive (2009) for XBOX 360,

PC Music and Sound FX for Ballance by Cyparade / ATARI (2004)


Music for “Genderation” by Monika Treut  2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Music for “L.A. Tango” by Elfi Mikesch 2021

                 Music for “Citizen Animal ”  “Root Republic”, “Little Big Family”  by Oliver Kyr 2018/20

Score for TV Documentary “Täuschung – Die Methode Reagan” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2015

Score for TV Documentary “Dienstbereit – Nazis und Faschisten im Auftrag der CIA” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2013

Score for TV Documentary “Die Atombombe im Vorgarten” Direction: Rudolph Herzog, ARTE / ZDF 2013

Score for TV Documentary “Israel and the Bomb” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2012

Score for TV Documentary “I didn’t want to get up any more” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2008

3 Songs in “Head On / Gegen die Wand” Direction: Fatih Akin (Golden Bear Berlin Film Festival 2004)

Title song “Axensprung” Direction: Monika Treut (2004)

Song and appearance in “Ballhaus Barmbek – Let’s kiss and say good-bye” featuring Nico, Rocko Schamoni, Kiev Stingl, Mona Mur and more. Direction: Christl Buschmann (1989)

2 Songs in “Die Jungfrauenmaschine” Direction: Monika Treut (1988)


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Mona Mur c/o  S. M. Bredy Friedelstraße 41 — D-12047 Berlin
Phone: +49.030.62 98 89 63
E-mail: info(at)
USt-IdNr.: 16/240/00247


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Photography: Sebastian Rohde – FIRMA FREIMAUER Bartosz Kuśmierski
Design: rolandmdesign
Coding: BASE-Marketing



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