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Producer, Co-composer and musician for Anja Huwe’s “Codes” (Sacred Bones Records ,March 8th, 2024)

Mona Mur – Delinquent (RED VINYL Edition 2023) Cheezy Crust

Mona Mur – Warsaw (Vinyl 2023) Playloud !

Mona Mur – The Original Band 1984-86 (Vinyl, 2023) Playloud!

MONA MUR “Snake Island”( 2022, GIVE/TAKE)

MONA MUR “Mona Mur” Re-Issue (Vinyl 2021) Playloud!



MONA MUR “Warsaw”  Mystic Productions Poland 1990/ 2015

EINHEIT, ESCH & MUR: “Terre Haute”  Rustblade Records, Italy,  Red Vinyl 2015

MONA MUR & EN ESCH “Do With Me What You Want”  Artoffact Canda  2011

MONA MUR & EN ESCH “120 Tage – The Fine Art of Beauty and Violence” Pale Music 2009

MONA MUR & EN ESCH on iTunes   

MONA MUR “Into Your Eye” CD Alice in… / Dark Dimensions 2004

MONA MUR “Mona Mur”, CD (RCA 1988) produced by JJ Burnel ,Dave Greenfield (“The Stranglers”) and Mona Mur

MONA MUR & DIE MIETER “Jeszcze Polska”, 12″ Supermax 1982 with FM Einheit, Mark Chung, Alex Hacke, Gode B.


GAMES (choice)

Music and Sound FX for “FERMI PARADOX”  Anomaly Games 2022  (early access on STEAM)

Music for “All Walls Must Fall”  InBetweenGames 2019

Ambient Music for “Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days”  IO Interactive/ Eidos/Square Enix 2010

Music for “Velvet Assassin”  Replay Studios/Southpeak Interactive 2009, UbiSoft Japan 2010

PC Music and Sound FX for “Ballance”  Cyparade / ATARI 2004



Sound Design and Mixing of “Not Indian Enough” by Arish King Khan 2024 (tba)

Music & Appearance in “Krieg oder Frieden – War or Peace”by Elfi Mikesch (Filmgalerie 451/3Sat 2024)

Music for “Last Exit: Space” by Rudolph and Werner Herzog 2022

Music for “Genderation” by Monika Treut  2023

Music for “Santa Inocencia” by Mertixell Campos Olivé 2018

“Citizen Animal ”  “Root Republic”, “Little Big Family”  by Oliver Kyr 2018/19/20

Score for TV Documentary “Täuschung – Die Methode Reagan” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2015

Score for TV Documentary “Dienstbereit – Nazis und Faschisten im Auftrag der CIA” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2013

Score for TV Documentary “Die Atombombe im Vorgarten” Direction: Rudolph Herzog, ARTE / ZDF 2013

Score for TV Documentary “Israel and the Bomb” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2012

Score for TV Documentary “I didn’t want to get up any more” Direction: Dirk Pohlmann, ARTE / ZDF 2008

3 Songs in “Head On / Gegen die Wand” Direction: Fatih Akin (Golden Bear Berlin Film Festival 2004)

Title song “Axensprung” Direction: Monika Treut (2004)

Appearance in “Ballhaus Barmbek – Let’s kiss and say good-bye” feat. Nico, Zazie de Paris and more D.:Christl Buschmann (1989)

 “Die Jungfrauenmaschine” Direction: Monika Treut (1988)